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Your pelvic health content marketing consultant

Content marketing for pelvic health practices

Working side by side with pelvic health practices, creating content to normalize the conversation about pelvic health dysfunction

Connecting Pelvic Health Practices and Patients Through Targeted Content

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Working from Home
Free ebook
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6 Content Creation Hacks for the Busy Pelvic Health Practice Owner

As a busy practice owner, time is critical. What you don't have time for is spending hours creating several pieces of content.

In this FREE eBook, you'll learn:
☑️ Intro to the Content Waterfall Method
☑️ Create at least 6 pieces of content with a single 5 minute video
☑️ Learn how to plan out 30 days worth of consistent content
☑️ Expert tips & suggestions from a pelvic health practice marketer to help you succeed

Kind Words

Haley Cochran, Speech Therapist

Taylor is a physical therapist who specializes in marketing. So she sounded like the perfect fit for me being that I'm in the pediatric therapy world and she would already understand so much of what I was trying to do. So I had a consult with Taylor and she listened so well to everything that I wanted in my business. And she was able to really just ask all the right questions to help piece together and organize everything that would benefit me... she created my website and it was like she just listened to

everything, every little detail of everything I wanted and made it work and function better than I ever could have imagined... I'm just so thankful for everything Taylor has done for me and definitely recommend her to anyone who is either starting a new business or just wants their business to be marketed more effectively. I'm sure Taylor could help so much and it's just the absolute perfect person for the job.

Haley Cochran, M.S., CCC-SLP

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