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Haley Cochran, Speech Therapist

Taylor is a physical therapist who specializes in marketing. So she sounded like the perfect fit for me being that I'm in the pediatric therapy world and she would already understand so much of what I was trying to do. So I had a consult with Taylor and she listened so well to everything that I wanted in my business. And she was able to really just ask all the right questions to help piece together and organize everything that would benefit me... she created my website and it was like she just listened to

everything that every little detail of everything I wanted and made it work and function better than I ever could have imagined... I'm just so thankful for everything Taylor has done for me and definitely recommend her to anyone who is either starting a new business or just wants their business to be marketed more effectively. I'm sure Taylor could help so much and it's just the absolute perfect person for the job.

Haley Cochran, M.S., CCC-SLP

Clubhouse Pediatric Therapy

dara headshot.jpg

Taylor is the absolute best.  Working for yourself, managing all of the ins and outs of running a business, and being in charge of marketing is a lot.  Having the ability to work with Taylor has been amazing.  She’s a PT, so I know that my marketing has accurate PT information, graphics that relay what I’m trying to express, and the content is based in real world PT experience, knowledge, and evidence.  I love having the ability to just let her be creative and have the full confidence that what she puts out is explained so that it’s patient centric and user friendly in the way that only a PT can be! 

Dara Storch, PT, DPT


Morgan Meese, PT, DPT

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