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Website creation & rebuilding.
Done within 7 days.
Drive traffic to your doorstep.

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Your practice's website, built in 7 days or less.

Get a basic business website in 7 days or less & let us do all of the work for you!

Our website creation and rebuilding method is exactly what you need to drive patients to your practice's digital doorstep.

Stop fiddling with your website tech. Get your website build today!

Do any of these sound like you?

You're a healthcare provider passionate about providing high quality care.

Tech and website building are not your strong suit.

You don't have time to waste spending countless hours watching website building tutorial videos and learning about SEO.

You're curious as to what you can do to improve current website or how to create a brand new website that reaches the patients you want to help.

You're wishing there was someone with a website creation and tech background, who is also an experienced healthcare professional who could point you in the right direction or take care of creating your website for you.

You're in the right place. This is for you. 🫵🏼


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Website in a Week is a specific website creation and rebuilding method created by an experienced healthcare provider & website creator.


Our mission is to create a functional website that drives traffic to your digital doorstep, resulting in leads that feel confident choosing to work with you.

Whether you are a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or other healthcare provider, if a aesthetically pleasing and effective business website is what you're looking for, you are in the right place.


Meet your website creator. 😊

Hi, my name is Taylor

Taylor Kirk, The Pelvic Marketer

I am a doctor of physical therapy, pelvic health content marketing consultant, and entrepreneur. 

After working for 3 years in corporate healthcare, providing pelvic health physical therapy toward the latter part of my clinical practice, I witness first hand the barriers that both patients and pelvic health providers face in today's rehab industry. 

I had the pleasure of helping treat various patients with pelvic health dysfunction, helping them to gain the confidence and quality of life they deserved. Unfortunately, during this time, I witnessed the challenges these patients face and the lack of education and poor stigma surrounding seeking out services for pelvic dysfunction.

Oftentimes, patients came to me finding out for the first time treatment for their problem exists. They learned that the pelvic dysfunction they were experiencing was not normal. They got to experience a sense of hope that they could get back to living life without the fear of leaking at a night out with the girls, experiencing pain during intimacy with their partner, and just having to "live with the problem."

I left clinical practice feeling burnt out and full of anxiety and overwhelm that our modern healthcare system often induces. But I took this opportunity to self-reflect and draw on two passions I had - pelvic health & content creation. I saw a gap between these two that I believed I was skilled to fulfill.

So I did something about it.

I started my own digital marketing business for pelvic health practices.

I started working as a marketing assistant for Morgan Meese, a cash based physical therapy practice owner, digital marketing consultant, and business coach for rehab professionals in November of 2022. Since starting, she has mentored me and continues to mentor me in the world of business and marketing. 

By January of 2023, I landed my first social media consulting client, and finished my first full website build for a speech therapist in the spring of 2023. Since then, I have continued to work for Morgan and have consistent content marketing clients of my own. 

I've realized there are so many ways that our skillset as healthcare professionals allow us to help others, in more ways than just clinical practice. 

Pairing my own experience in clinical practice as a pelvic health provider, and my skill set as a content marketer and website creator, I launched my business, The Pelvic Marketer. My hope is that with my skillset as a healthcare provider, website creator, and experienced marketing consultant, I can help as many healthcare providers as possible reach the entrepreneurial dreams they've set out to achieve through website creation, content marketing, and consulting.

Afterall, I'm physical therapist at heart. My passion is helping others. I'd love to help you too. 

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Taylor is a physical therapist who specializes in marketing. So she sounded like the perfect fit for me being that I'm in the pediatric therapy world and she would already understand so much of what I was trying to do. So I had a consult with Taylor and she listened so well to everything that I wanted in my business. And she was able to really just ask all the right questions to help piece together and organize everything that would benefit me... she created my website and it was like she just listened to every little detail of everything I wanted and made it work and function better than I ever could have imagined... I'm just so thankful for everything Taylor has done for me and definitely recommend her to anyone who is either starting a new business or just wants their business to be marketed more effectively. I'm sure Taylor could help so much and it's just the absolute perfect person for the job.

- Haley C.

Website in a Week

Get a basic business website set up in 7 days or less and let us do all of the work for you!
Includes up to 5 pages or 25 hours of work, whichever comes first

Receive an individualized evaluation of current website's traffic, engagement, and conversions (if applicable)

Set up of new website builder

Migration of old website content to new website

Set up of new domain for new website

Plan and implement new design, testing both desktop and mobile versions

Assess and improve SEO during initial building phase

Laptop Writing
  • How is this different than other website creating methods?
    Website in a Week offers a fully functional, SEO improved, aesthetically pleasing website created for you in 7 days or less. This method was created and is executed by an experienced healthcare provider and website. Combining these two skillsets ensures that your website speaks directly to your audience in a language patients understand coming from a healthcare provider. Website in a Week can be great for healthcare providers who are seeking a solid business website created in a short amount of time, who don't have the time to research and create it themselves, and need to know that their website creation is in experienced and able hands.
  • What is the duration of Website in a Week
    Website in a Week will take approximately 7 days or less to complete. It is recommended that prior to the creation of your website, you participate in a consultation call with Taylor to ensure she best fits your needs and understands your expectations. Website creation, as part of a business's marketing strategy, is not a "quick fix" solution to gaining a full caseload overnight. It is a critical piece to a business's overall marketing strategy for long-term growth. You will be asked to provide Taylor with access to your old website (if applicable), including login credentials, in order for the website transfer to take place. If building a new website completely, and you do not have an old website with information, it will be important that a planning phase be implemented between you and Taylor prior to the website build taking place. Some general information that must be provided for a successful website build includes but is not limited to: - Business name - Business location - Type of business - The services you offer - The type of patients you treat - Pictures of yourself and your business set up - Etc.
  • Who is Website in a Week for?
    This method is for healthcare providers included but not limited to physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, medical doctors, dentists, etc. If you're not sure if it's a good fit, schedule a call with me and we can chat about it.
  • I haven't started my practice yet, but intend to. Is this for me?
    It absolutely can be! If you're looking to start your practice and interested in creating a solid website as your part of your marketing strategy foundation, this could be for you. It depends on your budget and what you feel comfortable with in your current situation. If you're unsure if you're ready to commit to working with me, schedule a call here.
  • I already have a business or practice that's doing well. What can Website in a Week do for me?
    First of all, congratulations! As we know, building a business is a journey, not a destination. No matter where you're at in your business venture, Website in a Week could help you: Create an effective website for your business, or improve a current one Be completely hands-off with the creation of your new website or rebuild of an old one Provide an inviting "digital office" or "digital facing" environment for people interested learning more about if working with you is right for them Gain back time and freedom to treat more patients, spend more time with your family, practice self-care, anything, because you're not worrying about learning all their is to know about website creation and best practices for increasing website traffic!
  • How long does it take to receive my website?
    After we meet and enter into a written agreement, you will receive a questionnaire within 1 week of time asking for vital information to be filled out. As mentioned before, it will be important that you provide adequate information about your business, type of services, patient target audience, etc. in order for Taylor to complete a successful website build. That is what this questionnaire will cover. You will receive this document via Google Drive or through email. My goals is to set you up with an aesthetically pleasing, traffic driving website that you will be able to utilize throughout the lifetime of your business!
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    All contracts are binding. We do not offer refunds on done-for-you services, including website builds. We are here to provide website services to ensure you reach your highest level of success with what we have to offer, and part of that is requiring commitment from you that you are fully invested in your website creation agreement. When refunds are an option, you can have “one foot in” the work, and “one foot out” the door. If you’re in, you need to be 100% in, just as I will be for you.
  • Hmm, maybe I should just wait to see how I do creating content on my own instead.
    Hey, no problem. Each person is going to have their own individual path and preference on this journey. However, if time and growing your own business are priorities for you, the right time to get started is right now. The longer you delay investing in your business, website, and marketing strategy, the longer it will take you to get where you want to be. The most successful are the ones who take action and invest in themselves and their business. ​ There's always going to be a reason to put something off. All that will do is lose you time, which you will never be able to get back and you'll always be wondering what could have been if you had taken that first step.
  • My question isn't listed here.
    No problem! Shoot me an email at and I will be happy to assist!


Ready? Book a consultation call to get started!

If you're a healthcare professional looking to have a fully functional website that speaks directly to your patients, put your website creation in the hands of an experienced healthcare provider + website creator, and watch your website traffic soar, all you have to do is click the button below, book a consultation call, and we'll get started!

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