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FAQ Spotlight: Digital Marketing Services I Can Do For You

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

One of the most frequently asked questions I have been getting since launching my new business, Taylor Danielle Creative, has been “What services do you offer?” Believe me, I know the term “digital marketing” can seem abstract. It took me quite a while to learn what I know now and understand that digital marketing is an umbrella term that houses various skills and concepts. I am also certain there are concepts about digital marketing that I have never heard of or am not familiar with.

Today, I want to break down the specific services that I offer so that if you come across my Facebook page, website, or social media, you have a pretty good idea of what I offer and what I can do for you.

using strategy in a game of chess

The comprehensive digital marketing plan.

First, let’s talk about the service I call “a comprehensive digital marketing plan”

Having a solid marketing plan is like playing a game of chess - you need a strategy.

Below I have listed some of the components included in a marketing strategy I develop for you:

  • Evaluating the business's current marketing strategy.

  • If they have a marketing strategy, looking at how it’s working for them.

  • Set up email automation and email marketing including newsletters, nurture campaigns, etc.

  • Helping to develop a standard of operations (SOP).

  • Helping determine your monthly marketing budget.

  • Track and analyze over time ROI with the current marketing strategy set up.

  • Set up a customer relationships management system (CRM).

  • Research other competitors and your target audience.

  • Website rebuild/updates, SEO improvement.

  • Designing and running ads (Facebook, Instagram).

  • Content creation and execution.

  • And maintenance of all of these things.

Typically, this is a 5-6 month (or longer) plan that I develop and carry out for you. Basically, you become virtually “hands-off” in managing your marketing strategy and executing it. This has a lot of moving parts and requires a lot of intellectual knowledge, critical thinking, analysis, and maintenance on my end.

With that being said, if you’re needing help in just one or a couple of these areas of digital marketing and not all of them, I adjust my pricing and packaging to come up with a custom plan for you.

For example, maybe you LOVE content creation and execution and enjoy having a presence on social media that is completely done by you. Okay, great. When I write up a proposal for you, I only include the services that you need help with. In this example: I will exclude content creation and execution from my proposal.

When I develop a marketing strategy, I provide all the best recommendations I can that I think will help your business to grow. If you don't need something as part of your plan, whether you don't need my help with it or it doesn't align with your goals, then I don't include it in my plan for you - AND I'm not going to ask that you pay me for it.

I just want to mention here, that digital marketing planning and execution as a whole, is a beast. It takes a lot of time for me to strategize, develop, and execute this plan → but guess what, it’s off of your plate and gives you more time for seeing patients and working on your other business goals.

a computer sitting on a desk

Website design - one of my favorites

Let’s move on to the second service I offer, “Website Creation/Design.” This is perhaps one of my favorite digital marketing skills I have learned.

When I build a completely new website for a client, I am starting from ground zero. I gather information from the client including: what their services are, their target audience, the vibe they are wanting to put off, their business brand, etc. I take all of this information and create an aesthetically pleasing and lead-converting website.

*Pro tip: Having a "pretty" website is great, but pretty is not half as important as how your website functions and is successful in converting leads to sales.

Below I break down some of the things included in a website build:

  • Different pages including but not limited to:

    • About

    • Services

    • Resources

    • Blog

    • etc.

  • Call-to-action buttons strategically placed and frequently available.

  • FAQs

  • Testimonials

  • Your contact information - made easily accessible.

  • Use of up-to-date SEO to help your business be easily found when someone "Googles" it.

  • Set up data tracking systems.

  • Make sure your headers and footers are housing appropriate and helpful information.

  • Set up forms for lead generation.

  • And just overall development of something that speaks to who you are as a business and who you’re trying to help with your services

This process stays relatively the same when we are talking about a website rebuild. The main difference is that a business comes to me with an already-built website, I evaluate what they have, and then make improvements in the areas listed above if necessary. My goal is to give you a final product that helps to drive traffic to you, generate leads, and ultimately result in sales.

Clear as mud?

After going through all of these things, I’m sure that in some ways, my services are still “clear as mud.” I think the biggest point I want to get across is that my services are not “set in stone” and are ALWAYS customized to your needs and goals. There may even be something that I can help you with that I did not talk about today.

Ultimately, every business has the goal of getting more leads, converting those leads, and increasing their business revenue. Both of these services I offer, in their entirety and when broken down into individual parts, can do just that. Not to mention, with my help, you can take a lot of stress off your plate as a business owner.

I know this was a lot of information to take in and process. If you have questions about my services, my business, and how I can help you, please do not hesitate to reach out. I would love to help, and even if it’s not working with me, I will do my best to point you in the right direction

Thanks for reading! Talk to you soon :)

Check out my website (linked here) to learn more about me and the services I offer.

Follow me on Instagram and Facebook! I will be posting new content periodically with valuable information about myself, my business, the services I offer, and the benefits of digital marketing in general.

Ready to get started? Book a time to chat! I’d love to get to know you, learn about your business, and find out how I can help you grow in the digital world!

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