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The Beginner Bundle

For the pelvic practice owner just getting started

After Yoga Class

This is for the therapist who:

Has a passion for pelvic health patient care. 

Is crazy busy and doesn't have time to spend worrying about creating content.

Is generating < 5k in monthly revenue.

May be feeling burnt out creating organic content.

Is unsure if they're speaking the right message to the right audience.

Is wishing that someone would just take care of content creation for them.

IF THAT SOUNDS LIKE YOU... you're in the right place.

What if I told you...

There's a way to can create consistent content that:

Speaks the right message to the right audience.

Takes less than 30 minutes of your time every month.

Is spread across various platforms...with no extra work from you.

Gives you back time to treat more patients, spend time with your family, prioritize self-care, anything you want....

What is the Beginner Bundle?

The Beginner Bundle Details

Let's start creating content that's right for your audience today.
How it works:
You provide us a certain number of 5-10 minute videos each month (1-2), and for each video, we will create and publish content on up to 3 of the following (you choose!):
YouTube video
Blog post
IG/FB posts
Email newsletter

Create an entire month of content with all of the work done for you.

Camera on a tripod
BB Detais

Not sure if this plan is right for you?

That's okay! Book a free call with us where we'll chat and find out what you're next best steps are!

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