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Marketing Tools & Tips to Grow Your Business

Updated: Feb 12

For the Pelvic Health PT

Pelvic health physical therapists play a significant role in our well-being, but getting the word out about their services can be a challenge. During this post, we'll explore three essential tools—Wix, Meta Business Suite, and ActiveCampaign—for the pelvic health PT to make their marketing easier, help more people understand the benefits of their services, and accelerate their practice growth.

Overcoming Challenges with Simple Tools

The pelvic health physical therapist knows the challenges often faced by both their clients and themselves because of the stigma surrounding pelvic health. They understand the services they offer or are sensitive, sometimes making it a struggle for patients to feel comfortable seeking out the services they need.

For the pelvic health practice, and any other women's health practice, making marketing more accessible is crucial. Oftentimes lack of education is the primary player in limiting patients from seeking services and using simple tools can help bridge the gap between patients and accessible care.

When we talk about marketing for pelvic health, it's not just about promoting the services the pelvic health practice offers. Yes, we want to educate our target audience about how we can help them, but that's not always enough to make them feel comfortable seeking services.

Marketing for the pelvic health practice is about creating a welcoming space where people feel comfortable seeking help, talking about the problems they are facing, and understanding the benefits of addressing their dysfunctions to lead a better quality of life. These three tools—Wix, Meta Business Suite, and ActiveCampaign—act as helpers, breaking down barriers and making pelvic health PT services more friendly and approachable.

1. Building a Website with Wix: Your Online Hub for Health

As a marketing consultant and digital nerd, I will be the first to tell you that if a business doesn't have a user friendly and aesthetically pleasing website, you've already got something working against you.

A good website is like a virtual office—it helps people understand what you do and how you can help. Your website should clearly lay out the population you help, the problems you treat, and the solutions you provide to these problems. Within the first 15 seconds of somebody viewing your website, they should feel confident knowing that you can or cannot help them. Without this instant attention grabbing technique, a prospective client is likely to move on.

With that being said, Wix is an easy website builder and happens to be one of my favorite website builders that I recommend to marketing clients. Wix is also the platform I personally use for my website and when building websites for other business owners. The goal with your website as a pelvic health provider is to utilize it as an online hub where you can share your knowledge and professionalism, while creating a sense of credibility with your audience.

Easy Website Building

To start with, Wix makes building a website simple with an easy interface and handy tools for you to use when it comes to formatting and design. The best part is that you don't need to be a tech expert to use Wix to create a solid website for your business. With drag-and-drop features and ready-made templates, you can create a website that looks good and tells your practice's story without the need for coding or a professional website builder.

Don't get me wrong, if tech and design are totally not your thing, it is always appropriate to hire your website build out. This is one of the services I specialize in, so if you're interested in my help, get in touch!

Getting Found with SEO

Another cool feature that Wix offers is built in SEO tools to help your website pop up on search engines. It can assist you with keyword selection and recommended SEO practices to increase the likelihood of your website and website content getting viewed.

In regards to keyword selection, using the right words ensures that people looking for pelvic health services can easily find your website. You want to toward the top of the list when someone searches "pelvic health PT near me," which is why keyword selection and ranking are so important.

Think about it this way, if you search something on Google, you personally are more likely to select a search result option provided on the first page of Google's results. It's unlikely you'll navigate to page two and so on of the search results, which is why SEO and keyword research are so important when building your website. It's like putting up a sign that says, "We're here to help!"

Sharing Information with Content

Wix provides built in content tools that help you share valuable information. They provide a blog feature, where you can write informational copy on a consistent basis to keep your website from lying "dormant." Consistent blog posts also help keep viewers coming back for more when you release new content. Blog writing is one of my favorite content tools. If you'd like to learn tips to optimize your blog content, check out my blog post here.

On a different note, Wix allows you to embed video and social content directly onto your website. This allows you to share information about pelvic health education, your services, and so much more in the format and learning style that your audience appreciates most. By doing so, you're creating a positive and welcoming environment surrounding pelvic health to help your audience become more likely to start a conversation with you.

2. Social Media Mastery with Meta Business Suite: Connecting with Your Community

I don't really need to tell you this because we all know social media is where people hang out online all of the time. It's crazy how much time the average person can spend on social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and so much more. Because we know these are common places where our potential target audience spends their time, it's probably a good idea we do to, providing educational content and solutions to problems via social media.

During my time as a marketing consultant and creator of my own organic content, Meta Business Suite has been a tool that I have grown quite fond of. This platform is designed for managing Facebook and Instagram social posts, allowing the pelvic health PT to create and schedule out content on these two social platforms, helping to control how they appear online and connect with their community.

Managing Social Media in One Place

As I mentioned before, Meta Business Suite gives you one place to manage your Instagram and Facebook social media content. Within the platform, you can create posts, schedule them for publishing, check comments, and keep your online presence active without going to different places. It's like having a social media headquarters!

Reaching the Right People with Ads

If you're interested in making an investment in your content, Meta Business Suite offers paid ad services via Facebook and Instagram so that you show your content to the right people with targeted ads. You are able to make audience demographic selections including age range, location, and interests, allowing your social media messages to reach the people who are interested in the services you have to offer.

Paid ads take the guesswork out of who is going to see the content you create. Rather than throwing content out their and hoping the right person comes across it, you can feel confident knowing that Meta Business Suite's targeted ads with make it to the right people. It's like talking directly to the people who need your help the most.

If you're not sure where to start with ads, some basic ideas for ads can include creating ad creative and copy promoting a free lead magnet, free training, a free consultation call, or the option to book an appointment directly with you. In a previous post, which you can check out here, I talked about the benefits and downfalls of paid ads. As I mentioned in that post, ads are not for the beginner and it can often be beneficial to consult a professional before sinking money into something you're not confident is going to get the results you need. If you're interested in chatting about ads, contact me!

Understanding Performance with Analytics

Lastly, Meta Business Suite provides analytics tools that tell you how well your social media is doing. Within the analytics tab, you're able to see what's working, what's not, and actually put numbers to the success of your content. This objective data can allow you to make well educated decisions when creating further content or when deciding what content to boost with ads.

I cannot stress this enough, look at your analytics and track your performance data. It will greatly help you in the long run and allow you to create the content your audience actually wants to see rather than just guessing. If you're interested in learning how to boost audience engagement of your social media platforms, check out my blog post here.

3. Easy Email Marketing with ActiveCampaign: Keeping in Touch Digitally

The final marketing tool I want to talk about is ActiveCampaign. I've seen mixed opinions on this email marketing tool, with some providers preferring GoHighLevel. Personally, I've spent quite a bit of time checking out different email marketing tools including Wix and Squarespace's email marketing options, GoHighLevel, and various others. I'm here to tell you that ActiveCampaign is by far my favorite.

If you're wondering why you should choose an email marketing tool for your pelvic health practice, here's why: Sending emails is a great way to stay connected with patients and share important information. From monthly newsletters to promotional deals, ActiveCampaign makes it simple to send emails that keep people informed and engaged.

Making Emails Simple

As I mentioned before, ActiveCampaign is very easy to use when I've compared it to other =email marketing platforms. It allows you to create emails from scratch, just as you would in your Gmail account, or provides you with template options to help you write out your first monthly newsletter or promotional email.

Utilizing email marketing allows you to create emails that share success stories of past patients, provide tips for those struggling with pelvic health dysfunction, and can show your audience a more personalized side of yourself that helps to keep your audience interested and informed. It's like sending friendly notes to your community to keep them in the loop.

Personalized Communication with Automation

ActiveCampaign, as any great email marketing tool should, allows you to set up automation structures that lets you send personalized messages once a subscriber enters into that loop. Automations make email marketing so much easier because it allows you to create an automation structure one time and let it do its magic each time a new subscriber enters into it. Rather than you having to personally respond to each subscriber, your set up automation does the work for you, giving you peace of mind that you aren't leaving anybody out.

There are also the options to filter subscribers into different automations based on their interests, demographics, current pelvic health problem, etc. By doing this, you are making sure each subscriber receives the information that is most relevant to them and their needs or interests. It's like having a helper who knows each person's preferences and puts personalized information right in front of them.

Learning and Growing with Analytics

Finally, ActiveCampaign also provides a built in analytics tool that shows you how well your emails are doing. You can see if people open your emails and click on links or if a certain email was a bust. Just as Meta Business Suite's analytics help you to know what content is working, ActiveCampaigns tool does the same thing, helping you make your email strategy even better. It's like having a guide that tells you what your audience enjoys.

Bringing It All Together for Success

In conclusion, using Wix, Meta Business Suite, and ActiveCampaign together helps pelvic health PT practices overcome challenges and make their marketing easier. By simplifying website development, mastering social media, and making email marketing easy, practitioners can change how they reach people and find new ways to grow.

As you use these simple tools, you're not just telling people about your services, you're creating a place where people feel supported and informed about their pelvic health. Success in pelvic health PT marketing is not just about numbers; it's about making a real impact on people's well-being and building a community that appreciates pelvic health and supports individuals to seek services. Use these tools to make your pelvic health PT marketing easier, take your practice to new heights, and help even more people understand the importance of pelvic health.

If you're interested in watching the video associated with this blog post, check it out here.

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